Socks, Shoes and Blankets is not too much to ask

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “None of you truly believes until he loves for himself what he loves for others” (Bukhari, Muslim). 

Refugees around the world are amongst the most disadvantaged. The worst is when winter arrives. They struggle to find ways to keep themselves warm. No gas, wood, blankets or even socks and shoes are available. The situations worsens when the temperatures in the refugee camps drop below zero. Many of these disadvantaged people die during the winter due to the extreme cold. According to the UN, a total of 14.6 million people needs support, 1.2 million more than in 2021. 6.9 million people are internally displaced.  And this is just in Syria.

Now is the time to help. A small donation can provide the basics such as socks, shoes, blankets or coal.

How we help?

Our model is simple. Where possible we provide sustainable solutions to the needy. So we source local supplies that can keep families warm for months or even years. We provide blankets, shelter, clothing, and many other basics to keep them warm in an environmentally sustainably manner.

Show, not tell

The Olive Branch Australia has a wide network of suppliers around the world to help source and deliver your donations to those in need quickly. With your help we've provided winter essentials to communities in Northern Pakistan, Lebanon Refugee Camps and so on.

More Ways to Help