Refund Policy

Refund Statement

The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) is an international NGO that aims to provide local solutions in fighting poverty and helping communities break away from its cycle. Our work is conducted overseas, hence we are under no obligation to give refunds. Refunds will be made at the discretion of the management of The Olive Branch Australia. The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) is endorsed by the ATO as a Deductible Gift Recipient, which means donations to The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) is TAX DEDUCTIBLE. In the event of a donation being refunded invalidates the tax receipt which should be safely destroyed.

Please Note

The responsibility remains with you to submit only correct tax receipts to the Australian Tax Office.

Donations and Refunds

The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) accepts all donations in good faith, including monthly recurring donations to any of our programs. We understand that people give through their own free will and may have different preferences to what they donate to and that circumstances do change making it not possible to give, The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) will not refund a donation that has been knowingly and voluntarily made. We will refund only if

  • an error made by The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) or one of our staff
  • the donation was provided by a minor person
  • the amount entered was incorrect
  • there are exceptional circumstances
Any request for refund made after 90 days have expired, The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) regrets that we are unable to issue a refund. The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA) is a non-profit charity organisation and reserve the right to deduct any bank or transaction fees for any refund processed onto the donor.

Errors by The Olive Branch Australia

Should an error be made by The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA), one of our staff or our financial institution, we will process a refund as soon as possible when notification of the error is received, and all costs will be accepted by The Olive Branch Australia (TOBA).

Applying for a Refund

If you wish to apply for a refund, please submit your request by providing your full name, full mailing address and phone number. Please include details of how you made the donation, the date and amount given and the reasons justifying your request for a refund. Upon receipt we will review your application and respond within 5 working days.

Approval of Refunds

If the donation amount is over $500 and/or exceptional circumstances are present, a refund request must be escalated and approved by the CEO/COO and Head of Finance.