Refugees in Akkar, LebaNON

Giving and Ramadan go hand in hand. Our donors this year, 2022, responded once again incredibly in this blessed month with food parcels for the needy. So we sourced and packaged fresh and sustainable local produce and staples. We then made our way to the most needy, and this time, it was to Syrian refugee camps in Akkar, Lebanon. Lebanon has had to bear the brunt of the Syrian conflict by taking more than half the total Syrian refugee population. From Syrian to Palestinian refugees, Lebanon now has more refugees per capita than any other country in the world. These refugees own not much more than a sheet of plastic to keep out the morning dew.

So when we arrived in Al Soumanyah refugee camp in Akkar you can only imagine the joy, particularly given these families have very little to be joyous about this Ramadan.

Akkar Lebanon

The food parcels we delivered contained rice, sugar, salt, oil, flour and the typical staples needed to feed a family. There’s much more to do and as you can see, with your help we can make a difference.

We thank our incredible donors and we pray all your generosity is repaid in full and more in this life and the next.

Our team in the field