In Asia, particularly Indonesia, traffic is very congested. Rile hailing services like Grab, Go-Jek and Uber help the 250 million Indonesian’s get around faster using mobile phones, GPS and of course motorbikes. Travelers use mobile apps to select a destination and the nearest available rider is dispatched to take the passenger to the location. Ride hailing motorcycles in Indonesia are so prevalent that they have driven the prices of online foods down making it cheaper to eat delivered food.

For Fakri, riding for Grab and Go-Jek is exactly the type of employment he needs. Sadly his father recently passed away and the income responsibility for the family now rests with him. Being a student, Fakri had to choose between work or study. Grab and Go-Jek would be ideal needed employment as he could pick the hours that suit him. Unfortunately, the challenge is finding the funds to purchase the first motorcycle.

To help and on behalf of our donors, The Olive Branch Australia purchased and donated the motorcycle to Fakri. Now Fakri, can help his family with income and continue his studies. We pray that Fakri can finish his studies and help others around him.