Our Work

On your behalf we’ve been helping the poor and needy around the world. With your help we can do more.

  • Water Wells

    We have built hundreds of water wells providing clean water to thousands around the world.

  • Olive Trees

    We have secured and planted hundreds of olive trees to provide sustainable help and livelihoods to those that need it most.

  • Feed the Needy

    Our food packs, iftar meals and qurban have fed the needy all over the world.

  • Bringing Joy

    Our eid gifts and clothing provide joy and comfort to the many children partaking in Eid festivities.

How we work

We scale our global operation by working with trusted and qualified local sub-contractors. This ensures we have the right people on the ground all the time.

Show, not tell

The map above shows the locations we are active. We provide every donor with a dashboard to manage their profile, donations and view their history.