Help Now

No power, no food, no water… Gaza needs help

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “None of you truly believes until he loves for himself what he loves for others” (Bukhari, Muslim). 

Don’t wait. Help now! Food and water distributions are under way in Gaza in response to the siege on Palestinians in Gaza. With countless dead or injured and infrastructure destroyed, humanitarian aid corridors are the only way to get help in.

By donating now we can can help provide food and medical aid to the victims of this tragedy. Even small contributions can make a big impact when combined with the generosity of others. So if you have the means, please donate now!

How we help?

Our model is simple. Where possible we provide sustainable solutions to the needy. So we source local supplies that can keep families warm for months or even years. We provide blankets, shelter, clothing, and many other basics to keep them warm in an environmentally sustainably manner.

Show, not tell

The Olive Branch Australia has a wide network of suppliers around the world to help source and deliver your donations to those in need quickly. We have teams in Turkey ready to distribute your much needed generosity.

More Ways to Help