Eid gifts

Bring a Smile to the Children of Myanmar


Muslims in Myanmar are a minority community often isolated from the larger society around them.

Since 2013, Myanmar Muslims have been the subject of targeted attacks, and still remain a vulnerable community in the Buddhist majority nation.

This Eid, you can help spread a smile to less privileged Muslim children in Myanmar by donating an Eid gift! Your gift will clothe young Myanmar children in new cultural clothes and help them experience the joy of Eid!


Iftar Food Distribution
Give Food Packs

Many people simply need help finding food. Help them by providing food packs using local staples.

Build a Well

Help the most needy around the world by provide fresh and clean water. After all, water is the best charity.

Plant an Olive Tree

Help the Palestinian people by planting olive trees in Gaza, Palestine. This help is sustainable and beautiful.