Build A Masjid

and have one built for you in Paradise

The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “Whoever builds a Masjid for (the sake of) Allah, then Allah will build a similar house for him in Paradise.” (At-Tirmidhi). 

The Masjid is the center piece of the community for Muslims around the world. As Muslim’s we believe the Masjid is the House of God and therefore open to all. You have a chance to build a house for the sake of God in this life and enjoy the rewards in the next, not to mention the Sadaqah Jariyyah. The immediate community of needy Muslims around the world benefit from the Masjid. They are able to pray in congregation, gather, socialize and strengthen their own community. This you will have a direct impact on. Many communities suffer from poor Mosques or worse, destroyed mosques from civil strife or natural disasters.

Your help will mean these places of worship are restored and the confidence of the community restored. Do not hesitate and donate within your means to the Masjid fund.

How we build?

We can build in many countries such as Lebanon, Palestine, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and India. Each country has a different cost structure and different needs. We therefore work with local teams to survey sites, secure the necessary approvals, and source local construction teams and material. We then subcontract the construction under a milestone payment model. And only after quality inspections are conducted are the payments made.

Show, not tell

The Olive Branch Australia uses various channels to publish the outcomes of your hard earned donations. We use youtube, emails and other social channels to publish our work on your behalf. For those donors that have donated directly to a cause we share the results directly with you. If you would like a masjid built on behalf of someone and would like to fund the project yourself this is also possible. Please reach out to us to get things moving.

More Ways to Help