2000 Olive Trees

To welcome Ramadan in 2022 we delivered and planted in Deir al Balah, Gaza 2000 Olive Trees. Deir al Balah (in Arabic: دير البلح) means Monastery of the Date Palm. The city is known for its date palms after which it is named. The city is in the central Gaza Strip on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and is 14 kilometers south of Gaza City. We were able to help 40 vulnerable farmers with the delivery of olive shrubs in order to restart their livelihood olive production. This incredible project promises sustainable benefits to well over 1,678 needy people in Gaza, Palestine.

Beneficiaries must accept this responsibility to prune, fertilize, water and care for the trees donated. So, we gave particular attention to gender and family structures with appropriate skills and purpose. This is to ensure the responsibilities of caring for the livelihood of Olive Trees is sustained. We selected local farmers of which 52% were women already working in agriculture, but currently facing hardships to continue their activities.

Deir al Balah

We found in most cases their male partners or family members typically worked in public projects as laborers in various parts of the country with little or no salary and no consistent or long-term employment. These investments in olive trees provide alternative employment, sustainable sources of income, and importantly a sense of dignity to the people and their families. The connection to the land is dear to the Palestinians and this sadaqah jariyah is befitting these people.

We thank our incredible donors and we pray all your generosity is repaid in full and more in this life and the next.

Hear from the Farmers Themselves

Images from the project